How to Earn

You can use one of these methods or all of these as tools to meet your goal.

Direct Sales

(AKA Door-to-door)

You present the catalog to friends and family and take orders.

Online Orders

You promote your Fudgeraiser Online and send donors to www.fudgeraiser.com/yourgroupnamehere/ where they can place their order.

Event Sales

Order one or more cases of fudge, set up at an event, and satisfy cravings on the spot. Great for sporting events, parties, or outside local hangouts.

Success Tips

Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. is a great way to advertise your Fudgeraiser and to drum up interest amongst your circle of friends. This is an excellent way to reach out to people that you can’t sell to in person, but can instead direct them to the website where they can still order. Remember, the more you promote = more people that know about your cause = more support!

Success Stories

girls with Fudgeraiser check

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