About Us

About Us

Fudgeraiser helps future leaders do good things. We’re here to help you with fundraising success with delicious and easy-to-ease tools that empower future leaders to achieve their fundraising goals.

Fundraising is easy when you’re sharing creamy and fresh fudge. That’s Fudgeraiser’s motto. We are a small team with a big heart. Each and every one of us cares very deeply about providing a high quality product and a simple process to help groups reach their fundraising goals – while their donors are delighted with the most delicious fudge.

The Fudge

Our customers rave about our Fudge as being the creamiest and freshest. How do we make the creamiest fudge around? We use fresh and wholesome ingredients and….well, the rest is our little secret. Of course, we’ll share a taste of fudge with you in our shop “Rainbow Confections” and for your next fundraiser. We enjoy making classic flavors and experimenting with new ideas. So, do stop back to try seasonal flavors.

pyramid of fudge


We got started as an old-fashioned, trendy candy store in the Monroe, Wisconsin. We opened in August, 2012 in a historic building on Monroe’s courthouse square. The building has a lot of history. Built in 1871, (same year as the Great Chicago Fire, and just a few years after the Civil War ended) the store had been home to Ruf’s Confectionary for 104 years (1908-Feb 2012). While Ruf’s sold candy and ice cream, it was mostly known for selling cigars, cigarettes, magazines (and for a time) records. Ruf’s went out of business in Feb, 2012. That year, Kristi Smith, a Chicago-area business consultant who had recently moved to the area, saw the gorgeous tin ceiling and 18-foot marble soda fountain bar. She was awestruck and got the vision to restore the space to its former glory…. AND to provide sweets and treats for the young and young-at-heart, for locals as well as the many visitors to the quaint downtown area.

When we opened, we offered over 20 flavors of handmade, gourmet popcorn, ice cream, shakes, malts and nostalgic candies. In the spring of 2015, we started making our own fudge. Our customers raved about the fudge – many said that they had never tasted fudge that was so creamy and fresh. We offer classic fudge flavors as well as experiment with new recipes to create decadent fudge creations to surprise our store visitors.

Fudge + Fundraising

cubes of fudge

In 2016, we were approached by two local groups that were interested in finding ways to partner with us to raise money. One group was looking to fundraise for a class trip, and the other to support a youth theater program. Our team was delighted to be asked and jokingly suggested the name “Fudgeraiser.” The name stuck, and soon groups from around the area were asking how they too could sell the creamiest fudge anyone had ever tasted.

All of the fudge for our store and for Fudgeraisers was being made in the front corner of our little candy store – in about 10 square feet. The first holiday season, we produced several hundred pounds of fudge in just three weeks. Teresa, our head fudge maker, needed to find more space or we wouldn’t be able to help as many groups as we wanted. 15 months later, we purchased a building across town and constructed a clean and shiny kitchen inside the warehouse space. With dedicated office space, plenty of room to work, and even an old forklift named Bessie to help load trucks, we were ready to take Fudgeraising to the next level.

Fudgeraiser now helps nonprofit groups, sports teams, orchestras, bands, scout troops, class trips and clubs of all kinds to realize their goals through our creamy and fresh fudge. Currently, Fudgeraiser primarily serves youth organizations in Illinois and Wisconsin so that we can continue to deliver the creamiest and freshest fudge around. We look forward to expanding to additional areas in the years to come.

Fudgeraiser is the youth fundraising program that puts future leaders on a mission for good because the program is designed for kids to take the lead to get where they want to go.

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