Fudgeraiser FAQ


Q: When is the best time for a Fudgeraiser?
A: Anytime your group needs money! Consider having a Fudgeraiser a month or two before money is needed, or tied with a holiday for general funds (like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, etc).


Q: How long does it take to receive our fudge order?
A: We will set your group’s pickup date before you start selling. Your group has a minimum of 2 weeks to collect orders, and we ask for two weeks to complete the orders (we will set the delivery date when the agreement is signed). Online orders will be shipped approximately a week after your Fudgeraiser has ended.  


Q: How much of the profits will my organization receive?
A: 30% of the online sales, and 40% of catalog sales.


Q: How/when do we receive our portion of the profits?
A: When you return to us your master order sheet, you also turn in a check to Fudgeraiser for 60% of the profits, you keep the rest! For the online orders, we give you a check for 30% of those sales.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: When you are collecting orders and payment, you can choose what to accept.
When you are turning in your order and 60% of profits to us, we prefer a check. Online orders are made via credit card.

Q: When taking orders, to whom should checks be made out to?

A: To your group/group representative(?)

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A. We do not have minimums, but encourage each participant to commit to selling 12 or more containers - so you can achieve your financial goals.

Fudge FAQ

 Q: What is the shelf life of the fudge?

A: The fudge will last in its container, on the counter for approximately 3 months. It can also last for much longer if you choose to freeze it, just make sure that the container is completely sealed when freezing, and then let it totally thaw in the container so any moisture stays put.

Q: What are the flavors of fudge?
A: We have 8 standard flavors available: Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Maple Walnut, Chocolate Mint, Cookies and Cream, and Coffee Break. Other flavors may be available seasonally.

Q: Is the fudge gluten-free?

A: The Cookies and Cream fudge flavor contains gluten. The other flavors of fudge are gluten-free, but may have been processed on equipment that may have been exposed to gluten.

Q: How should I store the fudge?

A: Fudge should not be refrigerated. Keep the lid shut tightly to prevent drying the fudge, and store it either on the counter/in a cupboard or in the freezer.