Group Participants

Please take extra care and be aware of any guidelines your leader has set. Be smart, use common sense, and have fun!
For example:

  • Make sales during daylight hours so people can see and read the catalog; also, people are more likely to talk to you during the day.
  • Make sure you and your parents know who you are selling to. It’s easier to talk and sell to people you know!
  • Go with a friend and take turns selling, or have an adult go with you, just to be safe.
  • Give someone who isn’t sure on buying on the spot your group leader’s number or direct them to your webpage to order online- they don’t need to know your personal information.
  • Remember, you’re not guest. Don’t make yourself at home while selling, it’s best to stay outside.
  • It’s not cool to sell in front of stores without their permission and parental support and supervision.
  • Be mindful of traffic. Roadside stands can be a dangerous distraction for drivers.
  • It’s easier to sell when you are comfortable and in a familiar space.
  • Share your sales stories with friends and family members.
  • Have fun, but remember to stay safe!